African Sulcata Tortoises

African Sulcata Tortoises

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Quick Stats:

Minimum Juvie Tank Size: 20 Gallon. Adults will need outdoor tortoise pen (They get large!)

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Friendly

Max Size: 100-200lbs

Diet: Herbivore


Sulcatas are a very popular pet tortoise due to their friendly nature and ease of care. However, this species does get quite large with most females ranging from 70-90lbs and males reaching 150+ lbs and live approximately 70 years on average. In proper climates, they do well year-round outside with a hide box for hibernating through the cold winters and a large area for roaming on nice days. When raising a tortoise inside you must provide UVB & basking lights to replicate the natural outdoors. They must be able to soak in chin deep water daily-several days a week to keep their shells healthy. We also use and recommend Repashy Superveggie as a vitamin & calcium supplement to dust on all their foods.